Working with a Family Law Solitor

When it comes to appointing a Family Law solicitor Gloucester based Dee and Griffin solicitors are able to help with a variety of family matters. It can feel . . .like an incredibly intimidating process. The very fact that you are having to seek the advice of one of these highly qualified individuals means that you are not in the best of spaces in your personal life. This is one of the many reasons why you will find that Family Law Solicitors are some of the calmest individuals that you will find. That does not mean, however, that they do not have the fierce nature that is needed to fight for their clients. They are in all-intense purposes very swan like!

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When you decide which family solicitor you want to make an appointment with there are a number of things that you should do in order to make the most of these initial meetings. The thought of discussing private matters with a complete stranger is daunting for most individuals. This is why the initial meeting with a solicitor should be viewed not only as a chance to give them all of the information in order for them to take on your case but also as a way to build up a relationship.

Here are some things to do for your initial meeting

  1. Information, information, information

It is important to give your solicitor as much information as possible about the situation that you currently find yourself in, that has led to you seeking their help. You may find that the best way in which to do this is to write everything down and take into the meeting with you. Once you start talking about what has occured you will find that the emotions and stress of the situation will lead to you forgetting key bits of information.

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  1. Honesty

When passing on information to your solicitor it is important that you are honest. All of the information that you share with them will be treated in the strictest confidence. They will need to make an accurate assessment of the situation in order to create a plan to move forwards. This includes informing them of an situations that may have occurred that were caused by yourself as well as your partner.

  1. Questions

During any meetings hat you have with a solicitor you are free to ask as many questions as possible and it can be useful to know exactly what is going to happen and what is asked of you so that you can ensure that you have any relevant information you need to hand and there are no surprises along the way.

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