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Three Important Things to Check to Make your Winter Driving Safer

During the winter months, you need to make sure that you take extra care when you are driving as conditions on the road tend to be more hazardous. As Well as doing the essentials, like booking your car in with a professional like this MOT Gloucester based company for its MOT and making sure that you check things like your oil and coolant levels, here are some of the things to take extra care of when you are driving in the winter… Continue reading Three Important Things to Check to Make your Winter Driving Safer

Living in the wonderful, picturesque, Spa Town of Cheltenham.

The lucky locals that live in the wonderful, picturesque, Spa Town of Cheltenham can enjoy the world renowned horse racing festival that’s held at the racecourse there every year in march, plus they can marvel at the beautiful Regency buildings such as the Pittville Pump Rooms.  They are also lucky enough to have the Victorian, Everyman Theatre on their doorsteps alongside the Wilson Museum and it’s stunning displays of fine art.

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After King George 111 visited Cheltenham to drink from the infamous Spa Waters taken from a local well, the town became a destination spot for the rich and has thrived ever since.  The locals who live in this illustrious town, own their own beautiful homes with large garages fitted with safe and secure Garage Doors Cheltenham, supplied and fitted by professional, experts such as  They can enjoy all the peace and tranquillity this stunning, Regency, Spa town can offer them right on their doorsteps.  The wonderful green spaces of the parks, the tennis courts and skateboarding areas as well as fishing in the beautiful boating lake.

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Enjoying all the benefits of owning their own homes that come complete with a large garage space encourages the locals to stay in Cheltenham and raise their families there, bringing security and diversity to this incredibly popular Cotswold town.  Companies are thriving and employing the local tradesmen and women as well as bringing in workers from as far afield as London.

Gloucester City, why it’s a great place to live.

Living in the city of Gloucester has many blessings, the magnificent Cathedral for a start, let alone a thriving retail, shopping outlet at the Quays, as well as the town centre shops of course and all the wonderful cafe’s, bars and restaurants. From elite, boutique shopping in Quba & Co, Blue Inc and Inti, to cheap and cheerful at Primark. Buy beautiful bridal designs from By Design, Vivienne Stella and Taffeta & Lace or purchase sportswear at Sports Direct and the Adidas Outlet Store, plus there are several boutique and individual businesses, so it’s easy to find whatever it is you want to buy.  Plus, a great selection of all the major supermarkets, including, Tesco’s, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Lidl and the Co-Op, Gloucester City really does have everything.

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Digital Marketing is proving to be an area of great growth and many successful SEO companies have chosen Gloucester City as their headquarters. Smart, forward thinking businesses like who provide professional Drain Lining Gloucester have used Digital Marketing to get themselves noticed on the Google search engine site. Thanks to their innovative thinking, professional work ethics and great customer service their company is attracting plenty of new customers and they are thriving.  Gloucester City has some outstanding Ofsted rated schools including, The King’s School, Crypt, Denmark Road, Sir Thomas Riches, and Barnwood Park.  Your children will excel studying at any of these prestigious schools and could well then go onto college or University.

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We can’t talk about all the great places to shop, eat and visit in Gloucester City without saying more about the Cathedral.  This stunning, Romanesque & Gothic style building began life back in the year 1089 and was only completed in 1499!  The Cathedral clock that was installed in 1898 was made by Dent and Co, the same company who built Big Ben’s clock. Two of the Bells situated in the tower date back to 1420, the largest bell weighing in at just under three tons is named Great Peter and rings faithfully on the hour and just before a main service. This historical and beautiful building has been used several times as film set locations, including some of The Harry Potter movies, a couple of Doctor Who episodes and a Sherlock Holmes special.


The changes to Gloucester’s Kings Square

Space and how it is used is an essential part of human existence. Our town and city centres have been places that have been used for so many things, including celebration, commemoration, mourning, commerce, social protest and just a place to socialise and meet friends in. One of these is Gloucester’s Kings square. It’s been the site of many different changes down through the centuries. Gloucester has been a place that has seen people live within its boundaries since the Iron Age. It’s still a place where people come to live. You just have to look at Gloucestershire Park Homes to see a modern example. is where you can go to see the new and contemporary Gloucester.

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Kings square is in the centre of the City. The site’s history can be traced back many hundreds of years. It was initially the site of the Forum when the city was known as Glevum. This was a significant part of the Roman Empires’ presence in Britain. Glevum began life as a Fort to protect the area from parts of Wales and to support Corinium, now modern Cirencester, up the road. However, it became a Colonia when Wales was subdued and put under the Roman yoke. In other words, it was a place where legionnaires could retire with a pension, land and a townhouse. This influx of money and influence was further enhanced by the trade that came to the city from the Severn Sea, as the Bristol Channel was known back then. This money meant that the residents of Glevum could afford to add additions to the town. Large walls and gatehouses were added to the city and reinforced it. This wasn’t greatly needed but was created more to show off. The most impressive addition was a Forum. This was where the decisions of the city and local area were made and debated.

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As Kings square developed through the centuries, it remained a place where people would meet. It was a medieval market place then a Bus station. With the coming of the car it became a car park for the city centre shops and then an open meeting place with decorative fountains. It has just undergone another transformation to become a meeting place and focal point, just as it has always been.