Which Is the Oldest Street in Birmingham?

Birmingham is one of Britain’s ancient cities, with researchers believing it to be founded by the Anglo-Saxons. Once a mediaeval trading route, Birmingham has seen enormous growth and development over its existence.
While today it is a vibrant and urban city, it is believed that Birmingham was first made up of just 18 streets.

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Of these streets, one is considered the oldest, and it continues to serve as a significant street today.

How Does Historical Significance Impact Today?

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The Oldest Street in Birmingham

Considering the fact that Birmingham has existed since the Middle Ages, it is no surprise that multiple streets are considered the oldest street.

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Birmingham predates modern documentation, and unfortunately records have been lost over the years.

However, what we do know is that the original city of Birmingham was made up of 18 streets.

Of these streets, Edgbaston Street is generally considered the oldest street in Birmingham, with historical records dating back to 1347.

It is believed to have been one of the first streets in Birmingham to be paved, marking a significant milestone in the city’s early development. Today the street is one of Birmingham’s main shopping streets and is home to stalls and markets.

Another possible contender for oldest street in Birmingham is Digbeth High Street. Digbeth High Street is often referred to as Birmingham’s “most ancient” street due to its long-standing cultural and commercial significance.

Today the street is known for its historical buildings, which now lie between newer developments.

Just as Edgbaston Street and Digbeth High Street served as important trading areas when they were first built, the streets remain significant to the city today.

Although Birmingham has continued to sprawl as the population has grown, the city centre encapsulates its evolution through a mixture of historical buildings and newer developments.

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